A Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Collection

Dangerous fates, mysterious curses, twisted fairy tales, and doomed prophecies…
Explore new worlds in Prophecy of Magic: a collection of over twenty urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels curated especially for the genre’s biggest fans!
These stories include all of your favorite mystical creatures, from gods and angels, to vampires and fae, to shifters, demons, witches, gargoyles, and more! With so much magic involved…what could possibly go wrong?
Including stories from several New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors as well as fresh new voices in fiction you’ve yet to meet!
Prophecy of Magic will captivate fans from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to American Gods.
Don’t miss the chance to hold magic in your hand.

Includes books by Heather Marie Adkins, Lexi C. Foss, M.R. Graham, Alyssa Drake, Bella Emy, Teresa Roman, Missy De Graff, Heather D. Glidewell, Leigh Anderson, Alice Wilde, Tanya Dawson, Fionn Jameson, Samantha Coville, Nikki Landis, Crimson Syn, Sidonia Rose, Kelsie Rae, Candace Sams, Jozie Mack, C.L. Coffey, J.S. Lee, Caia Daniels, April Canavan, Joel Crofoot, Marika Ray, Anna Edwards, Claire Marta, Katherine Hastings, Savannah Rose, Amelia Gates, David Burnett, Kira Nyte, T.M. Caruana, Nadine Travers 

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